Static UPS

Static UPS


  • Dominant power back up source in industries, corporate offices and BPOs
  • Provides reliable back-up to office equipment like computers, projectors, printers, scanners and fax machines etc.
  • Banking, Multiplexes and shopping malls
  • All motor based applications like AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors and other 3 phase critical motorized equipment. Water coolers and deep refigerators
  • Petrol Pumps, fuel dispensing Machine
  • Emergency and Transportable Power systems
  • Gym equipment/Health equipment like joggers

Salient features of Ind-UPS

World’s most advanced pulse width modulation technology based on IGBT/MOSFET for increased crest factor
  • High reliability by electronic switch for instant changeover
  • Auto sense intelligent control smart charger
  • Smooth operation of AC motors and other loads unlike the irritating noise that comes from modified sine wave systems
  • Extremely low total harmonic distortion (<3%) Electronic changeover ensuring compatibility with computers
  • Special TDR (Time Delay Relay) for compressor based applications like AC
  • Short circuit protection in mains mode
  • Capability of surge load up to 300%
  • Very less operating cost in comparison with online UPS and DG sets
  • Equipped Bypass Switch to avoid the problems during system failure Suitable with DG sets

Our products and services attain a highly respectable prestige due to their eco-friendly nature. Our products do not have any negative consequences on the environment.

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Our experienced team of professionals takes utmost care of the customer’s requirements and dedicates their maximum to achieve the set goals.


In today’s world very less services match to the amount they charge. We deliver maximum value at minimum cost and provide utmost comfort to our patrons.

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