Online UPS

Online UPS

Applications – All Sensitive Applications

  • Dominant power back up source in industries, corporate offices and BPOs
  • E-commerce systems, Banking, NBFCs, ATM’s and software based critical equipment
  • Satellite, Labs, research centers and communication systems
  • Network servers, modems, hubs, storage devices and routers etc.
  • Sensitive life-saving medical equipment like X-ray machines, ECG Machine, Nebulizers and other diagnostic lab equipment
  • Industrial process control and vital real time equipment
  • Defence and paramilitary complex operations
  • Photography and color labs and E-commerce
  • Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Discos, Clubs and entertainment hubs
  • Aviation and entertainment channel broadcasting industry
  • Telecom network towers and other equipment
  • Fire protection sensors

Salient Features :

  • Eprom based double conversion topology technology with increased control over voltage and Frequency.
  • Wide range of input voltage and Frequency
  • Extremely low total harmonic distortion (<3%)
  • Inbuilt essential safety and protections like mains MCB Trip, short circuit, over temperature, battery low/high etc
  • With comprehensive display
  • Pure sin wave output provides dynamic stability
  • High input power factor gives higher efficiency>90%
  • Equipped with bypass switch to avoid the blackouts during system failure
  • Equipped with isolation transformer
  • Hot stand by
  • Cold start can easily bear initial load
  • Suitable with DG sets

Our products and services attain a highly respectable prestige due to their eco-friendly nature. Our products do not have any negative consequences on the environment.

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